Becoming a Speaker

By punkcoder    2022-01-18 21:15:14 -0600 -0600   

Ever wanted to become a speaker at a regional cybersecurity conference with all the responsibilities and benefits that come there in... Try your luck at the BSidesBoulder CFP.

Plan for the Coming Year

By punkcoder    2021-12-02 21:15:14 -0600 -0600   

We are currently in the process of planning what the next event will look like and what we are thinking about at this step in the process and would really like your input.

Looking to Get Involved

By punkcoder    2021-10-27 21:10:08 -0500 -0500   

Always wanted to get involved but were unsure how to do it? Here we are talking about what you can do to help.

We would like to thank the following people: Best Boy => Still Wills Cat (234-55-2987) Lead Pew-Pew-er => Will Shand (345-26-7645)