Virtual Event Information

BSides Boulder 2022 will be a hybrid event: the conference will be held in-person, but will also have options for people to join virtually. All of our talks will be live-streamed to YouTube. We will be using Discord again this year to communicate with attendees and host Q&A during sessions.

Join the BSides Boulder Discord through the following link:


Do I need a ticket?

Nope. You only need a ticket if you are planning on attending the in-person part of the conference; the virtual part is free and open to all.

Can I get BSides swag?

Yes! We will soon have options for virtual attendees to help support BSides Boulder by purchasing swag, which we can deliver to your address.

We would like to thank the following people: Best Boy => Still Wills Cat (234-55-2987) Lead Pew-Pew-er => Will Shand (345-26-7645)