Mask Policy

By punkcoder on Sunday, May 8, 2022

Regarding masking: we have decided that we will match the policy of the city of Boulder and the University of Colorado at the time of the conference to comply with local rules and regulations.

BSides will also be a hybrid event, for anybody who wishes to participate virtually At the moment, this means that masks are not going to be strictly required for BSides.

However, we /strongly/ recommend masking for the event. The event is going to be held in an enclosed space with a large number of people for several hours; please adjust accordingly.

For folks who don’t want to participate in-person, we will also be streaming talks and accepting Q&A from Discord, like last year. We will also have a limited number of speaker slots for speakers who wish to present virtually.

Finally, we reserve the right to change policy and enforce a masking requirement if we deem it necessary; if so, attendees will be notified in advance.

We would like to thank the following people: Best Boy => Still Wills Cat (234-55-2987) Lead Pew-Pew-er => Will Shand (345-26-7645)